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Missouri Estate Planning attorneys Amen, Gantner & Capriano – Your Estate Matters, L.L.C. are here to help you with legal issues regarding St. Louis Elder Law, Veterans Aid and Assistance, Probate, Wills, Trusts , Trust Administration, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives, LGBT, and all things required to establish a proper estate plan for the future of both you and your loved ones. Our law firm understands the varying dynamics of modern families and seeks to address these issues in the estate plan so your estate is distributed only to those who you request, instead of those who may be otherwise legally obliged to it. Estate planning can be a big project that requires consistent maintenance; however, our professional Estate Planning attorneys can organize all of the legal paperwork and logistics for you, while offering helpful legal advice along the way.

Elder Law

If you are looking for a St. Louis Elder Law attorney, you came to the right place. Our Estate Planning attorneys have extensive experience in the theory and practice of Elder Law, including aspects such as Medicaid planning, disability, guardianship and nursing homes. Considering the high costs of many nursing homes today, our St. Louis Medicaid planning attorneys would be helpful in making this cost easier on your family, should the situation arise later in life. Unfortunately, statistics show that about half of all adults will spend at least one year in a nursing home facility, so Missouri Medicaid planning is more practical than precautionary.

Veterans Aid and Assistance

At  Amen, Gantner & Capriano, Your Estate Matters, L.L.C., we believe in fighting for your rights just like you fought for ours, which is why our firm provides Veterans Aid and Assistance in the estate plans of retired service members. For the most knowledgeable Veterans Aid attorney Missouri has to offer, you can’t look much further than the experienced and professional Estate Planning attorneys at our firm to keep you up to date with the latest laws and regulations that directly affect retired service members. Our Missouri Veterans Aid attorneys can apply your unique circumstances to this updated legal system in order to ensure that service members receive the compensation they are entitled to.

Health Care Directives

To be in control of your own future health care decisions, Estate Planning with a focus on health care directives is necessary to take this burden off of your loved ones or the state. Our St. Louis Estate Planning attorneys can help you compose a will which would discuss your preferences for every possible health care decision that could affect you when incapacitated, severely ill, or otherwise unable to make the decision at the time. With a Missouri Estate Planning attorney, you can either establish a Power of Attorney or make your own decision through a pre-ordained, official will.


A Will may seem like a fairly simple aspect of Missouri Estate Planning, but a good portion of the Wills process is allotted to combat where your estate may legally be distributed. For example, ex-spouses, young children, estranged family members, and others may be legally entitled to portions of your estate without a set Will in place. Our St. Louis Estate Planning attorneys can help you avoid each of these scenarios by legally establishing your requests in the Will. The Estate Planning process even allows you to distribute the funds on a periodic basis or only for the use of specified purposes, such as education.

Trusts and Trust Administration

Probate is usually not an issue for those who have a properly drafted and funded Trust. Since a Trust is a private document, a St. Louis Estate Planning attorney does not need to file it in Probate court. However, there are still several steps the successor must take to ensure proper Missouri Trust Administration. This includes a gathering of the Trust writer’s assets, paying off of any debts he or she may have had, notifying creditors, filing taxes, consistent informing and distribution to beneficiaries, and so on. Seeing as how this process can be both time consuming and complex, successor trustees can benefit greatly by a Missouri Trust Administration Estate Planning attorney to properly handle all of the logistics involved in this complicated process.

Veterans Aid & Attendance

The Veterans Administration’s Aid and Attendance Special Pension program provides a monthly benefit that is intended to help eligible recipients receive personal assistance with the tasks of daily living such as cooking, cleaning, dressing, driving, mobility, or other assistance. The assistance can be provided by friends, family members, of healthcare professionals. If you are a veteran, or the spouse of one, you may be entitled to monthly financial benefits through the Veterans Aid & Attendance Program.

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